Composition of condenser system
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After absorbing the heat of the cooled object in the evaporator, liquid refrigerant vaporizes into high-temperature and low-pressure steam, is sucked in by the compressor, compressed into high-pressure and high-temperature steam, and then discharged into the condenser. Heat is released into the cooling medium (water or air) in the condenser, condensed into high-pressure liquid, throttled into low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant through the throttle valve, and then enters the evaporator again for heat absorption and vaporization, achieving the purpose of cyclic refrigeration. In this way, the refrigerant completes a refrigeration cycle in the system through four basic processes: evaporation, compression, condensation, and throttling.

The main components include compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves (or capillary or supercooling control valves), four-way valves, compound valves, one-way valves, solenoid valves, pressure switches, melt plugs, output pressure regulating valves, pressure controllers, liquid storage tanks, heat exchangers, collectors, filters, dryers, automatic switches, shut-off valves, injection plugs, and other components.


The main components include motors (for compressors, fans, etc.), operating switches, electromagnetic contactors, interlocking relays, overcurrent relays, thermal overcurrent relays, temperature regulators, humidity regulators, temperature switches (for defrosting, anti freezing, etc.). Composed of compressor crankcase heater, water cut-off relay, computer board, and other components.


Consisting of multiple controller components, they are:

Refrigerant controller: expansion valve, capillary, etc.

Refrigerant circuit controller: four-way valve, one-way valve, duplex valve, solenoid valve.

Refrigerant pressure controller: pressure switch, output pressure regulating valve, pressure controller.

Motor protector: overcurrent relay, thermal overcurrent relay, temperature relay.

Temperature regulator: temperature position regulator, temperature proportional regulator.

Humidity regulator: Humidity level regulator.

Defrost controller: defrost temperature switch, defrost time relay, various temperature switches.

Cooling water control: water cutoff relay, water volume regulating valve, water pump, etc.

Alarm control: over temperature alarm, over humidity alarm, under voltage alarm, fire alarm, smoke alarm, etc.

Other controls: indoor fan speed controller, outdoor fan speed controller, etc.