Join forces to build Longquan automobile air-conditioning industry innovation service complex, strive to promote high-quality green development of Longquan economy
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Wang Shunfa made an exchange speech at the on-site promotion meeting of the province's industrial innovation service complex construction

Bonnet (Reporter Zhou Xiaoyin) On April 29, the on-site promotion meeting of the province's industrial innovation service complex construction was held in Taizhou. Longquan automobile air-conditioning industry innovation service complex has become a typical example of the promotion and construction of a public platform for a provincial industrial innovation service complex. Secretary of the municipal party committee Wang Shunfa made a speech entitled "Joining the Construction of Longquan Automotive Air-conditioning Industry Innovation Service Complex to Promote Longquan Economic High Quality The exchange speech of "Green Development".

Longquan Automobile Air Conditioning Industry Innovation Service Complex has established a full-chain one-stop innovation service system integrating R & D, testing, talent, technology, brand, finance and other functions. It has obtained the national CNAS laboratory qualification and obtained more than 40 countries in the test report. Recognition has achieved the goals of manufacturing automotive air conditioning products in Longquan, testing in Longquan, and standards in Longquan.

Since the establishment of the industrial innovation service complex, our city has firmly implemented the spirit of superior instructions, adhered to the three orientations of "functional integration, market operation, and convenient service", highlighting the three advantages of R & D design, inspection and testing, and standard setting. Strengthen the supply of innovative resource elements, the supply of innovation incentive policies, and the supply of intellectual resources for city-school cooperation, crack the problems of decentralized resource input, insufficient market participation, and shortage of talents and technology, and achieve target specificity, resource agglomeration, and benefit sharing, and strive to find ways to accelerate Develop the "Longquan Model" of regional complex construction. In 2018, it became the national “double-creation” public service platform for the manufacturing industry, and won the titles of China Automobile Industry Parts Manufacturing Advanced Base and the National Demonstration Zone for Deep Integration of the Two Provinces in China.

Innovative practice with the industrial innovation service complex as the core has helped industry cultivation to improve quality and efficiency, accelerate enterprise innovation and quality improvement, and expand the quality of public services. It has increasingly become a distinctive feature and a powerful engine for our city ’s high-quality green development. In the first quarter of this year, the city's GDP grew by 10%, the industrial added value of the regulation increased by 15.3%, the value added of the core industry of the digital economy increased by 102%, the R & D expenses of industrial enterprises increased by 107%, and the added value of the high-tech industry increased by 16.1% .

In his speech, Wang Shunfa said that Long Quan will take General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion on technological innovation as a guide, earnestly implement the spirit of this meeting, deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, consistently adhere to the "innovation and strong city" work orientation, and gather and integrate various innovation Resources and factors, high standards to promote the construction of industrial innovation service complex, accelerate the establishment of regional innovation system, and provide strong support for Longquan's high-quality green development.