50 million yuan! Longquan Auto Air-conditioning Industry Innovation Service Complex Receives Provincial Financial Special Incentive Fund Support
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Longquan Auto Air-conditioning Industry Innovation Service Complex was listed as the implementation target of the provincial fiscal special incentive fund for the construction of the "1 + X" industrial innovation service complex in 2018, and was supported by a special fund of 50 million yuan.

Let us first understand that this special incentive fund supports 24 cities, counties (cities, districts), totaling 795 million yuan, as a whole for the construction of industrial innovation service complexes and the development of leading industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.

Longquan City's automotive air-conditioning industry innovation service complex. In recent years, Longquan has focused on the high-quality development of Juli, concentrating the greatest strength, gathering the strongest synergy, integrating the best services, advancing the construction of the complex at full speed, and supporting innovation to build the world's automotive air conditioning capital.

In January 2018, the industrial innovation service complex was included in the list of the first batch of industrial innovation service complexes created in Zhejiang Province. In accordance with the model of “three places, one town and one park”, it strives to build the world's automotive air-conditioning capital.

"Three places, one town and one park": China's automobile air-conditioning intelligent manufacturing base, the world's automobile air-conditioning product distribution center, the international new energy automobile air-conditioning R & D and manufacturing highland, automobile air-conditioning towns, and provincial high-tech parks.

Establish a "three most" third-party testing agency

The industry innovation service complex integrates 13 platform resources such as the Automotive Air Conditioning Product Quality Testing Center and the Longquan Automotive Air Conditioning Industry Research Institute. It currently has 157 automotive air conditioning inspection and testing projects, which is the country's automotive air conditioning industry with the most testing projects and the widest testing scope. 3. The third-party testing organization with the strongest testing capability.

In 2018, Longquan City's automotive air-conditioning enterprises passed the national high-tech enterprise certification of 17, 17 new state-level technology-based SMEs, and 11 municipal enterprise technology (R & D) centers.

How will Longquan use 50 million yuan of special incentive funds?

Relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau, we will make good use of incentive funds for the construction of industrial innovation service complexes and the leading industry innovation and entrepreneurship development, and actively support key R & D, technological innovation guidance, innovation bases and talents and other projects to stimulate The endogenous driving force of technological innovation promotes the high-quality development of the ecological economy of Longquan City.